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On Guilt and Domestication

As this ethic persisted from ancient times and into medieval Europe, it took on an economy of its own. Made possible by the Catholic Church, society (not only the plebeians, but the aristocracy as well), adopted life-denying, or rather ascetic principles, to guide one’s life. This is made clear by the laws and customs which we still track up to today, but also the very ethos of personal responsibility and autonomy. The sovereign individual is one who has attained mastery over the self, but with that comes a kind of moral baggage that one can be held standard to. This is where guilt and a desire to punish becomes important.

Capitalism and Circumstance

Whether or not we all admit it, capitalism has led to great prosperity across the globe. Whole populations of people have been lifted out of poverty, clean water is inexpensive and readily available to everyone, vast amounts of people are connected, simultaneously at any given moment on the internet, it has led to new forms of creativity and entrepreneurship, and most importantly has led to an enormous spread of information, which gives rise to new forms of education and acquiring of knowledge.