Ian Savage

Welcome to the blog!

I plan to have essays out on a semi-regular basis; perhaps bimonthly at first. The topics here will be about a wide range of topics, mainly in regards to my own interests. But as you’ll find navigating this site, there will be a common theme: a willingness to speak about difficult ideas that go against common thought; to rise over traditional views in a modern setting. Here at Modern Overman, I am going to attempt to engage in discourse that seems to be found in a confusing pocket of thought.

As an undergraduate studying philosophy at the University of Oregon, I find that philosophical dialogue and critical thinking can be applied over a wide range of ideas. In fact, on my way to becoming a philosopher (if I can identify as such), it is apparent that one would be irresponsible not to engage in the political and otherwise social realm of commentary in our modern world.

Several years ago as a general science major and becoming increasingly involved in the New Atheist movement, I realized that in conversation among friends, colleagues, and peers, that I was attempting to be philosophical. This is of course what led me to the decision of switching majors and taking a deep dive into the subject. At the same time, living in Portland, OR, being in my late twenties, and verging on the edge of the 2016 U.S. national election, my political views underwent a transition. I found that the political Left had usurped liberalism for the worse and the political Right were being piss-poor libertarians; both holding identity and ideology above individuals.

I think it is important in this new space, or intellectual dark web as it were, that it is important to explore new ides and freely express our own thought in a careful and meticulous way. In an attempt to bring out the Nietzsche in myself and others, I encourage all of my readers take the deep dive with me into the abyss, and come out as better individuals on the journey to becoming who we are.