Capitalism and Circumstance

Whether or not we all admit it, capitalism has led to great prosperity across the globe. Whole populations of people have been lifted out of poverty, clean water is inexpensive and readily available to everyone, vast amounts of people are connected, simultaneously at any given moment on the internet, it has led to new forms of creativity and entrepreneurship, and most importantly has led to an enormous spread of information, which gives rise to new forms of education and acquiring of knowledge.

FW Week 3: Meditation Through Devastation

Have you ever breathed a frequency?” This is a common phrase posted on patches, T-shirts, albums, and other merchandise that the band produces, and it’s a viable question to ask, once you’ve realized how one can feel at a sunn O))) concert.

Free Write Week 1: Sekiro and the Soulsborne Series

The beauty of Japan shines through in Sekiro. It’s level design is a unique take on just a small snippet of landmass, taking place on the outskirts of and within a medieval Japanese castle, belonging to the historical Ashina clan. What is important to note here, however, is the specific design choices FromSoft makes to further subvert our expectations.

On Responsibility: Finding Freedom in a Determined World

It also doesn’t really make sense to speak about non-existence either. One could describe a state of nothingness, but that is ultimately outside of our experience. There could be neither hypothesis nor thought experiment that would reveal to us what non-existence would consist of; as it would consist of precisely nothing.

What Is the Goal of Feminism?

The metaphor being likened to intersecting highways, where gender and race are viewed as two combining ways in which oppression can be viewed. Because of its relatively simple architecture, it can be scaled up to include class, sexual orientation, age, and gender identity.

Addendum to Conversations: The Cost of Free Speech

So then, let me speak to the specificity of free speech, what it is, and why it needs to remain free, despite its consequences. Speech is not just our words, our language, but an ability to comprehend abstract ideas; ideas that don’t necessarily portend to the physical world; and are often metaphysical in nature.